We will practice the following principles with the purpose of modeling and promoting the finest ethical standards: The two most important qualities will be internalized and utilized at all times: integrity and love. Do not lie. We will live by a code of honor that will prohibit deception; as it being above all things, the most evil. “Satan is the father of lies.” Our integrity must never be compromised. That includes the practice of being both forthright and “transparently” open. We will always make our actions and motivations open to public scrutiny, without duplicity. Nobody will be able to truthfully accuse us of having “hidden agendas” or “secretive dealings.” We will practice love as a verb, it shall be our driving force, and our “banner.” We will practice it in action, by being righteous, promoting social justice by generosity, sharing; and by fighting greed and selfishness; by being compassionate, empathetic, and by standing against injustice. We will be servant leaders, recognizing that every human life is valuable. We will be mindful that we are products of our environment, and that those who are displaying what we consider as vices and/or sins, are doing as their life experiences has shaped them to do. That will not, however, negate or diminish our love for righteousness, and our hate of evil and injustice. We must practice a discerning sense of right and wrong, without condemnation. Those who harm themselves or others should be dealt with, yet not in a “punishment” mentality. Any words used, or corrective actions being promoted, will have rehabilitation as motivation; or protection of the innocent as a goal. An observant and intelligent person will recognize that evil is not conquered with passivity or with supplication, and often it can only be resisted with greater force or power, sometimes that even has to be enforced by promoting fear of retribution. With that in mind, we will occasionally choose to use weapons to resist evil principalities, if no other avenue is possible. The founders of the United States, in their wisdom and foresight, included in the constitution the right to bear arms. This was included with the sole intent of defending the citizens from the possibility of the government becoming oppressive. In an ideal society, there would be no weapons, and no need for them. Unfortunately, the season of a confrontation of ultimate evil against those who are righteous is approaching, and evil is not always overcome with sympathy. With that expressed, TRUTHFORCE  INTERNATIONAL will not attack or diminish those who defend their rights or lives with physical or violent protest, defense, or reaction. We will address such with empathy, and support the common cause with discernment and tact. The organizing that TRUTHFORCE INTERNATIONAL will participate in will include educational distribution of information; protests; legal action and other measures to promote social justice; boycotting to inhibit exploitations, and civil disobedience to get the message across that evil will not be tolerated! The leaders of TRUTHFORCE INTERNATIONAL are aware that the evil powers manipulate and control the planet by means of money and fear. In the not-distant future, they will withhold the food supply as well as other necessities from those who do not comply with their agenda. With that understanding, this organization will prepare means for supplying goods and services to those who are engaged in the resistance everywhere around the world. We will help coordinate strategy and implementation towards survival and victory. Every person who is affiliated with TRUTHFORCE INTERNATIONAL will be subject to threats of physical harm (even death), false accusations (including possible imprisonment) and scrutinization by agents of the evil principalities. We will not be immune to physical assault, imprisonment, torture, psychological control, threats, hunger, slander, etc... Those with families must take account the welfare of the ones that they love, and what they would or would not do if these loved ones were threatened with harm. I myself would risk my life as well as my loved ones for the greater cause of humanity, but not everybody feels the same way. However, this organization must ensure that all those who are affiliated have taken everything into account, have “counted the cost” evaluated risk verses necessity and purpose, and are committed to the cause, well aware of all implications and possibilities, as well as the results of participation, or the lack of it, to selves and to the welfare of all citizens of planet earth.