Years of research and life experience has uncovered these ruling evils

The Roman Catholic church rules the world in secrecy and evil. 

The United States is the primary tool of the Vatican, and it is the imperialist and military bully of the world

Every nation uses military for control and to intimidate citizens and other nations. Most nations rulers are puppets of the US, and ultimately, the Vatican

The media is used to misinform, subvert, divert, propagandize, confuse, divide, and to impose bad values, mindsets, and worldviews

The medical system was developed to addict and make us dependent on chemicals that make profit and are superficially curative

Schooling systems were developed to indoctrinate, program and teach youth to conform and obey rather than to think and analyze. 

The legal systems were created to protect the interests of the powerful and wealthy, and to ensure the public conforms to the established order.

Every nation's ruler is complicit in the rule of the Vatican and exceedingly wealthy. 

The powers have planned to kill over seven billion people by 2025. This will be done by vaccinations, world war, and other methods. They will then instate a new world order.