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Our first actions, currently being executed, is to inform people of every nation of the deceptions, exploitations, diversions, propaganda, psyops, subversions, oppression, and other harms done to them covertly by their governments, religions,  schools, and media. This will be scientific and factual truth on our part to cut through the establishment's deceits, and thus sow deserved distrust of them and teach the people to think on their own and to challenge those who have taken roles of authority and use it for selfish gain. 

We will then encourage resistance, with emphasis on the military, and in some nations, the police, to challenge those in power, remove them, and to put in positions of responsibility those who are not greedy, but who courageously serve the public interest wholeheartedly. We will also promote a transfer of wealth away from the extremely wealthy to the general public, as exceeding wealth has proved to be a motivation for illegitimate power to oppress and exploit. 

We will also encourage all people to be ready to take action to rebel if these avenues do not work. 

Next we will begin to instill proper values on people- they are listed in the conclusion of THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY,  called S.H.A.R.E.S..
Simultaneously, we will begin to develop a model farming procedure and productive method of communities, building the farms, and creating lessons on how to cary out the chores and skills necessary for a community, including carpentry, weaving, pottery, blacksmithing, and the like, as well as skills and knowledge for every aspect of equipping every community to be self-sustaining, able to perpetuate an ideal life for all future generations. To live productive lives in harmony with nature and being useful for one another in true co-operative living. The goal is to create many self-sustaining agricultural communties of 150 people each, all over the planet. The complete description is in the conclusion of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH. 

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I took this shot to catch the reaction of fans of Logic: Everybody’s Tour expressing how they feel about his lyrical music. This photo means a lot to me because Logic is one of my favorite rappers and catching this reaction from the fan reflects on how I was feeling during the concert!