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This book holds the key to the salvation of mankind. After a thorough illustration of how America is a creation of Rome, Kahn completely destroys every formerly held concept of it's greatness, showing clearly its subversive and evil foundation, as intended by its forefathers. This undeniable description defies all previous historical pictures by former patriots, and redefines the idea of an American patriot. Not only is America's government's reputation deflated, but every system is stripped naked and exposed in all their ugliness- education, medical, (in)justice, media. In addition, for an encore, Kahn gives a blueprint for an ideal civilization, and some methods that can be employed to facilitate its implementation. This book may start a whole new way of life for humanity. Hope is the greatest gift from Kahn, who also delivers a clear warning and condemnation on the direction civilization as we know it, is taking us.

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This book, by the world's most revolutionary author who reveals systemic evils and who has a unique ability to discern ulterior motives and to use scientific reasoning and to find and relate truth, brings a book that will be more revelatory and have more impact on humankind than did Martin Luther and all the historic fathers of literature, religion, journalism, and even history. If this sounds grandiose, just ask somebody who read it. Six months after sending this book to his 100 contacts of devout believers, as he was incarcerated for his first major work EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, he was informed that 130,000 atheists had visited his website. Michael developed his knowledge by independent study of the bible for about 10,000 hours, some in the original Greek and Hebrew. He has debated seminary professors, scholars, and evangelical leaders regarding his debunking major doctrines that almost every Christian believed, and winning every debate, sending the opponents running with tails between legs. This book will explain any doubts you have regarding Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. You will see their origination, purpose, deep secrets, the results of the faiths, and the doctrinal intentions of the authors. In addition, you will get a clear and precise explanation for evil and a conclusion that has never been so scientifically explained and made very clear regarding the character of God, whose existence is not denied herein. False teachings and those who defend them in full knowledge of the error of the teachings by those who espouse them is illustrated for all to see

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This book is the initiator of the nation's realization of the expanse of fake news, the origination of world-wide recognition of the true demolition job of the twin towers, the real source of global warming, and other world-changing revelations. The author has been incarcerated multiple times as a result of exposing the government and those above it

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